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25 Words or Less - Dastardly Review #021

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Game Magazine’s 1997 Game of the Year.

A clean, crisp word guessing game with an auction mechanic.

Players divide into two teams. One player from each team becomes their team’s bidder. Both bidders look at the same card that has five words on it. The two bidders then square off bidding the least amount of clues that they think they will need to get their team to guess all five words. Bidding starts at 25 and decreases from there.

The winning bidder then gives clues to his team. If they guess all five words using the bid number of clues or less then that team gets a point. If they fail then the other team gets a point.

First team to 10 wins!

The Good: The game gets and keeps everyone involved...lots of laughs.

The Bad: I wish that the points earned more as the bids dropped.

The Dastardly: Don’t be too conservative in your bidding...take some risks!


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