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August Brought Gen Con and 1,600 Followers

We hit 1,600 Twitter followers so our grandkids made a sign out of fruit rollups while we were on vacation.

July and August were fun and exhausting. We did Comic Con and Gen Con almost back to back. Lots of fun and lots of learning.

Comic Con was awesome like normal. Not much gaming. Just tons of walking and fighting the crowds. We stayed on Shelter Island and enjoyed lots of local food out there.

Gen Con was all about gaming (except our annual pilgrimage to Amore Pizzeria in Zionsville). We playtested three of our games and presented to about a dozen publishers. Based on the feedback we need to rework Merchants. Feels like our Mint Tin Mother Lode is going to be picked up by a publisher (fingers crossed).

We spent our 'off time' in Lucas Oil either playing their huge game library or True Dungeon.

We bought the normal haul of games. Favorite so far is Thanos Rising. Excited to get that in front of the grandkids. Bought a couple war games that had been on my list for years. So great time.

Our first time at True Dungeon. Really really enjoyed it. It is a smash up of D&D and Escape Rooms. We won.

Chris came up with a revolutionary idea for our next Mint Tin game. We are full steam ahead working on that.

Excited to see what September has in store!

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