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Gravity Maze - Dastardly Review #064

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Gravity Maze is a 3d block building game. Sounds boring? It isn’t!

Each block is hollow and is built around a series of turns and twists. When stacked up the blocks create a pathway for a marble to roll. The game includes 60 cards with start/end positions. The player picks a card to solve. The player has to figure out how to connect those positions so the marble will roll correctly.

This is a great game to work on puzzle solving skills as well as spatial mapping.

The components are very high quality and create beautiful structures.

The Good: Although marketed as a single player game it is great for a parent/child or multiple child team to try to solve the puzzles together.

The Bad: Sometimes my grandson gets the solution before me...which is actually more good than bad!

The Dastardly: TOTY Speciality Toy of the Year 2015


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