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Guess Who? - Dastardly Review #020

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?

No this isn't about The Who or the Canadian group that sang American


Guess Who? Is a deduction game created in 1979. Each player has a grid of cartoon images of 24 different people and their names. Each player draws a card with a picture of one of the images and names on it. Guess Who? Is kinda like head to head 20 questions.

Players ask “yes” or “no” questions of their opponent to eliminate people from their grid. Eliminated people are flipped down in the grid. Players take turns doing this until one player has eliminated all people except one which should be the card his opponent is holding. The key is to ask questions that allow you to eliminate more than one person per question to be the first player down to one person left.

Guess Who? Took a lot of flack for having mainly while male people on the cards and grid. The game was redesigned to include a more diverse set of people.

Guess Who? has been released in dozens of versions including a travel size and there are a computer game and phone apps also.

The Good: Good game to teach how to ask wider impact questions.

The Bad: It gets boring.

The Dastardly: Needs the ability to vary cards/pictures.


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