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Looterz - Dastardly Review #097

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Looterz is a light ‘take that’ game of trying to collect the most treasure.

A house divided: I really like Looterz and my wife didn’t.

Looterz plays really quick and each turn has four phases: Recruitment, Activation, Recruitment and Sacrifice. Looterz has a Turn card that shows the phases and an Activation card so once you scan the rule book you are good to go.

The artwork is strong and a bit quirky (which is always good!). Lots of references back to the good old D&D monster manual for the Looterz recruits.

Game play is quick. Each Looter has an ability. During activation you get to pick the order that you activate your Looterz. Search for some loot.

The Good: Fun cards. Quick play. D&D-esque.

The Bad: My wife just might be wrong.

The Dastardly: Anything with a Gelatinous Cube has to be cool!


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