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Monopoly Deal - Dastardly Review #015

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Friends introduced us to Monopoly Deal in 2012. We loved it but it took us about six months of searching stores to find it. Released in 2008 it is now everywhere. A good example of how board games are becoming more mainstream.

Monopoly Deal is the size of two decks of cards so it is an ideal travel game. It is easy to throw in a backpack. We have played it all across the US. Monopoly Deal has no board, no dice, no player pieces, no paper currency, no plastics house or hotels. It has about 100 cards.

The cards include property cards of all of the classic Monopoly properties. Each property card shows the rent due if the player has one or multiple cards of the set. It also shows the value of the card if it has to be traded to pay rent. There are also Wild property cards that can be any property or any property of just two sets.

Action cards include attack and defense actions such as stealing a property, swapping properties, going pass go and stopping the play of an action card by another player. Each action card also has a money value on it.

There are also 20 cards that are just worth money.

Play is fast. Draw 2 cards and play up to 3 cards. Card play includes putting a property into play, playing an action card or putting action and money cards into your bank. Your bank is important as it is used to pay rent and if there is not enough money in your bank you must trade property card(s). Once a card has been played it cannot be moved back into your hand.

The first player to complete 3 sets of properties is the winner!

As lifelong Monopoly fanatics we were both hesitant and excited to try Monopoly Deal. We were concerned that Monopoly Deal would not live up to Monopoly. Monopoly Deal exceeded our expectations. Game play is 15-20 minutes instead of hours. The fun of collecting rent from your opponents and making them sacrifice their properties is still has good as ever.

The Good: All of the good of Monopoly.

The Bad: We haven’t played Monopoly since we found Monopoly Deal.

The Dastardly: Boardwalk and Park Place still rock! Especially with a hotel and a double rent card!


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