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Organ Attack! - Dastardly Review #018

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Who knew gallbladders were so cute?

Organ Attack was a Kickstarter back in 2016 and Organ Attack Teams expansion packs were available in 2018. The game is by The Awkward Yeti and the art is just as fun and irreverent as you would expect. Be sure to get the expansion that allows six players to take full advantage of the Teams expansion.

Whether playing as an individual or on a team the play is very similar. The Organ Cards are divided between the players and placed face up. Each player is dealt 5 action cards. On a players turn one action card can be played. Then the player draws back up to 5 cards.

The action cards allow you to afflict your opponents’ organs with various diseases and ailments. Many of the ailments can only be played on a specific organ. Of course there are Wild cards that can be played on any organ. Some action cards cause Necrosis that rots an organ. Lots of fun ways to hurt your friends. And there are a bunch of defensive cards to protect or heal you. Some cards can be played immediately which leads to a lot of action even when it isn’t your turn. A great mix of cards guaranteed to temporarily metastasize relationships.

The last person or team with an organ remaining wins!

The Team expansion is awesome. Many expansions ruin the base game. That isn’t the case with Organ Attack Teams! The team concept is implemented such that all the fun of the base game is multiplied while adding some cool new action cards and letting two groups plot against each other.

The Good: Fun, well balanced and fast playing. Our grandkids love it.

The Bad: Not recommended for hypochondriacs.

The Dastardly: Did we mention the cute gallbladder?


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