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Secret Public Journal - May Update

The last 5 weeks have been a whirlwind of one Dastardly thing after another. Rolling a lot of 20s with no Crit Fails so far!

In addition to making progress on our own Dastardly games we have been busy actively backing and supporting over a dozen Kickstarter campaigns.  We believe that part of being part of the indie game community is supporting others not just our own games.

Dastardly Reviews:

We officially launched our Dastardly Reviews initiative, where we help promote and review other people’s pre-release or early release games.  We were honored to be asked by Brass Engine Games to review their upcoming Kickstarter release: Thief’s Hoard. It’s a really cool game and we encourage everyone to back it on Kickstarter.

Dastardly Games:

Out of Line:  Food Trucks

We have been busy getting ready for Gen Con 2018.  We’re proud to be participating this year in the First Exposure Playtest Hall and Designer Showcase.  Out of Line: Food Trucks will be available to playtest during four 2 hour playtest sessions at Gen Con, times to be announced. We'd love to see everyone come out and try our game!

In addition, Out of Line:  Food Trucks has been going through several more playtest sessions.  Some enhancements based on that feedback have been designed and are in playtest mode to see if we want to include them.  We also submitted the base game to Spielmasons for feedback from their playtesting.

Out of Line: Food Trucks now has a Sell Sheet on our site.  Any feedback is much appreciated.

Out of LIne: Food Trucks has also been entered in the Board Game Design Lab’s 2018 Design Challenge!  Do you know if they take bribes?

And Out of Line: Food Trucks is now live on which makes everything feel so much more real!!


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