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Smart Ass - Dastardly Review #041

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Smart Ass was created by Australian Rob Elliott. The game is full of fun humor, great design, catchy art and overall is a great party game.

Everyone plays all the time which helps make Smart Ass a terrific game for groups. Players take turns reading from cards. The card contains a list of clues that get easier the farther down the card the reader gets. Any other player can shout out the answer. If you answer wrong you have to sit out until the next card. If you get the word correctly then you advance.

The first person to land on the donkey’s butt wins.

The Good: Terrific party game with really awesome lists of clues.

The Bad: Our grandkids would really like this game but their parents might not appreciate the game’s name and humor.

The Dastardly: A really Kick Ass game.


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