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Two Rooms and a Boom - Dastardly Review #091

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Two Rooms and a Boom has become one of our holiday gathering games.

Why? Because Two Rooms and a Boom need a lot of people...seems to play best with 10 or more and nothing says Merry Christmas or Happy Thanksgiving like a bunch of sabotaging, lying social deduction fun.

Two Rooms and a Boom was a 2013 Kickstarter by Tuesday Knight Games.

TRaaB (lot shorter than Two Rooms and a Boom!) is so unique that it took us a couple tries before it became a hit.

The first two times we played with 6 people. Then with 10. Then with 16. TRaaB seems to ramp up the fun the more people you have. And the game play time does NOT increase exponentially as people are added. Just the fun and conversation.

The mechanics of the game are fairly simple: Divide into two teams in separate rooms - the Red and Blue teams. Randomly hand out a role card to each player. And some of the role cards can drastically alter the game.

Negotiations take place between team leaders and within teams. Players may end up being traded each round so there is some movement between rooms.

How to win? Red team wins if the Bomber is in the same room as the President when the game ends otherwise Blue team wins. Also some of the role cards have unique player winning conditions so your team can lose but you can still win.

The Good: Unique! Not a werewolf in sight!

The Bad: Took us a while to get up to speed on the game play.

The Dastardly: Just a lot of freaking fun.


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