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Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Game - Dastardly Review #056

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

The Wonderful World of Disney Trivia Game came out in 1997. It is truly wonderful!

Disney does things well and this game is no exception. It is full of wonderful Disneyness.

Game play is good but what really sets this game apart are:

  • Beautiful metal ‘box’ that looks like an olde movie film canister

  • Playing pieces are Mickey mouse and you add colored ear pieces

  • The board looks like Mickey Mouse’s head with film reels as ears

  • Trivia question boxes for kids and adults

  • 100% Disney questions in categories of Film, Animation, Personalities, Song and Mousellaneous

A must for Disney fans.

The Good: Game play is quick and fun. A zippity doo dah trip down memory lane for Disney-philes.

The Bad: Not need to know a bit of Disney to play.

The Dastardly: Just cool...really cool.


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