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Carson City: The Card Game - Unboxing

I wanted to get Carson City but didn't have the money so I bought Carson City: The Card Game. Several things caught my eye about this game: The Quality of the components and that the components are multi-language including four rule books. Carson City: The Card game is designed by Xavier Georges and published by Quined Games. I am really happy I bought this game.

The box is intriguing in its simplicity. A dark box with mono-color art on the front and then good details on the back. This game is for 1-6 players and takes 30-45 minutes.

There are 66 Auction Cards that look like a custom deck of playing cards with six suits and rank from 1 to 11.

There are 8 Player Aids (in English, Dutch, German and French which is really cool). They explain turn actions and give information on terrain/buildings.

Each Terrain Card is divided into fourths and show four areas of the terrain or buildings of Carson City. There are 96 Terrain Cards.

And last but not least are 21 Character Cards that have good art and show VP conditions or changes to how the game is played.

The components are high quality in their simplicity, materials and art. I really want to get this on the table and give it a play.


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