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Till Dawn - Unboxing

Till Dawn’s coffin shaped box caught both my eye and my curiosity. Normally I have some knowledge about a game before I buy it but I had never heard of this game. Then I saw Grey Fox Games and bought Till Dawn.

Till Dawn was released in 2014 by 8th Summit and Grey Fox Games. Till Dawn is for 4-8 players and takes 20-30 minutes (or so says the box).

Awesome coffin box!!! One of the coolest boxes I have ever seen.

The contents of the box are of high quality materials and the art is quite macabre which is perfect for a game about a coven of vampires.

The objective of the game is to collect the most coffin tokens over three rounds. During those rounds you have to deal with or avoid vampire slayers, werewolves, annoying events and the bright, painful sunrise.

Always nice to open a box for a vampire game and see a bag of glistening red!

The contents list:

8 Character cards

32 Voting cards

58 Hunt cards

15 Power cards

10 Event cards

9 Red glass beads

120 Blood tokens

78 Coffin tokens

Any game with shiny blood crystals and coffin tokens screams for my family to give it a try!


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