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Secret Public Journal - June Update

Where did June go? Wow...what a productive and Dastardly fun month.

Our indie gaming community efforts continued at a record pace...we backed or helped spread the word on dozens of Kickstarter campaigns.

Dastardly Reviews

In June we helped review and promote many new projects. We passed our 100th Dastardly Review milestone!

We believe kids should be introduced to games at a young age. We have a group of Dastardly Kids that started helping playtest and review games. Two of their favorites are:

Tiny Bubbles by John Kohn was a real hit with the Dastardly Kids and was also a successful Kickstarter campaign. The Dastardly Kids must have played Tiny Bubbles over 100 times.

Fences by Tim Forbis and Adam Collins was another favorite. The Dastardly Kids loved the strategy and art of Fences. We were all pleasantly surprised by the depth of strategy and opportunities to sabotage friends! The Kids are looking forward to its Kickstarter campaign.

Dastardly Games

Our main focus has been getting ready for Gen Con.

There was an invasion by a Giant Army thanks to Chris's new 3D Printer!

Gen Con Events:

- First Exposure Playtest Hall with the entire Out of Line series and Indictment.

- First Encounter Designer Showcase with Out of Line: Food Trucks

- Individual meetings with publishers

- Entered in Publisher Speed Dating...fingers crossed!

For full details check out:

Out of Line: Food Trucks - we received playtest feedback from several groups including Spielmasons in Omaha. We made adjustments to a handful of cards, retested and then ordered final version for Gen Con. Thanks everyone for the support and feedback!

We were excited to get our first professionally printed versions of Out of Line: Nature Calls and Indictment.

Out of Line: Mates and Menus expansion boxes/cards are “in the mail” and we are constantly checking the tracking information (it is so addictive!)

Out of Line: Nature Calls and Indictment both went live in


Entered the Jellybean contest with Orthogonal - a card placement/set making game.

Created Zoo Stampede is in playtest and will be submitted in July for the HABA contest.


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